United Nations “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day” Alumni Wall of Fame

Women's Entrepreneurship Day Alumni Wall of Fame

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Alumni Wall of Fame

EverChange, LLC is an accounting-consulting firm that specializes in setting up an accounting software package called QuickBooks. The company also trains clients step-by-step on how to use the programs so that they may become self-sufficient in entering their accounting records. For those who are too busy to perform the accounting function, EverChange, LLC can provide bookkeeping services.

The company adds value to your firm by helping produce key financial information in an accurate and timely basis. Having timely financial statements helps save you money during tax season. Your tax preparer can spend less time untangling your financial information and less time preparing your tax return.

Training and bookkeeping services can be conducted on-site for your convenience.  As an advanced certified Online ProAdvisor, services can also be performed remotely.

Juliet Hurley is the owner and founder of EverChange, LLC, a company that started in Michigan in December 2001 and opened in North Carolina in June 2008.

Clarkson University’s Undergraduate School sent a group of women to the United Nation’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in 2015. As a self-employed female alumni of the Clarkson University’s School of Business, I was elated to be presented to the United Nations.